Introducing Distillery Beat Looper

Distillery sports a gorgeous cyan interface, with a "touch screen" aesthetic that somewhat mirrors the name the device.


Distillery is the F-22 Raptor of beat looper/stutter devices. Designed for both speed and precision, it still packs more punch than the average chainsaw to the face, and sports a slick cyan interface, which most people should find quite fetching.

Built on a robust granular engine, it features real-time beat (or note) looping, gating, time-stretching and pitch-shifting, all of which which can be played directly from the keyboard or programmed from Reason's sequencer.

Highly expressive yet laser precise, it can sound as subtle or lurid as you like. Imagine putting a robot frog into a 4D blender and turning it up to eleven. I would pity that frog.

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Hear Distillery in action: