Elements G-Delay


G-Delay is the definitive dynamic grain-delay device. It combines an all-new granular engine (featuring frequency, pitch, and spray controls) with an assignable envelope follower, which can be plugged into any of the main parameters. We've then rounded it off with a couple of filters, and all the CV connectivity you'd care to throw a rock at.

The result is a streamlined, yet highly versatile tool,  which is particularly suited to special effects, mind-expansion, and establishing communication with manifestations of Jungian archetypes.

G-Delay is available separately, or as part of our Elements and Elements Delays bundles.

Typical Applications

  • Granular mono/stereo delay effects
  • Dynamic delay effects
  • Pitched and arpeggiated delay effects
  • Gritty, evolving textures and soundscapes
  • Otherworldly builds and drops
  • Talking to dolphins (requires isolation tank, sold separately)

Product Details

dust in the Wind, Dude

G-Delay is built upon an elegant stereo, granular delay engine, which includes all the traditional controls, including positive/negative feedback; HP and LP filters; and sync, stereo, and equal options. To this, we've added the following granular controls:

  • Grain Frequency (from fine dust to clunky chunks)
  • Pitch (+/-24 semitones)
  • Spray (remember that scene in Predator when Bill Duke tries his hand at deforestation?)
  • Reverse

Flip the device around, and you’ll find a set of break-out audio sockets, which allow you to place any device (or device chain) you like within G-Delay’s feedback loop. This is exceptionally cool when combined with distortions and stereo effect devices, for example.

A powerful, yet condensed unit, G-Delay is probably the best dedicated granular delay on the market. 


G-Delay features the same envelope follower that made our Triad Multiband series so popular. With the inclusion of the advanced attack/delay parameters, and the ability to freely assign the envelope to up to four primary controls, G-Delay has the potential for an incredible range of intricate and, most of all, musical modulation effects.

Combined with our already impressive granular delay engine, and the potential for audio wizardry is essentially limitless.


In line with the modular philosophy of our Elements series, G-Delay features stereo CV inputs on primary controls, which when hooked up to our DS-LFO device (available separately for FREE), provide additional, fully customisable stereo modulation.

This is an exclusive implementation which truly embraces Reason’s modular concept and allows for effects which were impossible... until now.

    About Elements

    Elements is a series of mini devices derived from our Triad Multiband series. Each device has been carefully crafted to isolate and enhance specific “elements” of Triad, and integrate together modularly, through stereo CV modulation and slick, unified design.

    Used either as standalone devices or as part of a modular or multiband setup, each Element is an exceptionally creative tool for sound designers and musicians alike.

    Whether you're after wild and wicked sounds or a fresh array of bread-and-butter micro effects, Elements are simple yet versatile enough to become a staple in any Reason-head's arsenal.

    They are, after all, elementary.